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Implant Restoration Specialist

Gregory Family Dental

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Losing a tooth can make you feel self-conscious about your smile, and you may find it difficult to eat certain foods. You might even notice a change in your facial shape as your jawbone deteriorates. The team at Gregory Family Dental, led by experienced cosmetic and family dentist Emile McLaurian, DDS, provides implant restorations to people in and around Kansas City, Missouri. Take the next step toward a perfect smile. Call the practice today or schedule an appointment through this website.

Implant Restoration Q & A

What is an implant restoration?

Losing a tooth can leave an unsightly gap in your mouth, as well as lead to other oral issues as your teeth move to fill the space and your jawbone weakens. Dr. McLaurian provides implant restorations to prevent this from happening.

An implant restoration is a dental implant designed to hold an artificial tooth that looks and feels just like the one it’s replacing. It creates an attractive smile, provides a stable facial structure, and maintains chewing and speech function.

Dental implants can replace a single tooth or form part of a dental bridge if you're missing multiple teeth or even an entire dental arch. 

Dr. McLaurian uses state-of-the-art dental imaging technology to create lifelike implants that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Why might I need an implant restoration?

Implant restorations are an effective dental treatment that allows Dr. McLaurian to address aesthetic issues and dental health at the same time. Implant restorations are used to:

  • Improve bite and chewing function
  • Stabilize the jaw
  • Correct the spacing between teeth
  • Replace missing teeth and prevent further tooth loss
  • Improve visual appearance
  • Repair tooth damage and decay

While an implant restoration may sound like a major procedure, it's actually extremely common — millions of Americans have a dental implant placed each year. 

If Dr. McLaurian thinks an implant restoration is right for you, he explains the entire procedure and answers all of your questions so you can make an informed choice with confidence.

What does an implant restoration involve?

An implant restoration is made of three parts: the implant itself, which serves as the tooth’s root and is implanted into your jawbone; an attached abutment; and the artificial tooth, which fits on to the abutment after your implant has fused with your jawbone and your gum tissue has healed, which takes several weeks. 

Dr. McLaurian assesses your oral health to determine your most appropriate restoration. Depending on your needs, an implant restoration may form just part of your overall treatment program, which might also include tooth extraction or bone grafting if necessary. 

Am I a good candidate for implant restoration?

Dental implants aren't suitable for everybody. You must have enough bone to hold the implant securely and gums that are healthy. You also need to be in good health overall. 

Enjoy strong teeth and a beautiful smile when you partner with Dr. McLaurian and the team at Gregory Family Dental. Schedule an appointment today over the phone or through this website.